The Roseville Big Band at Carleton 2003

The Roseville Big Band performed at the Carleton College Mid-Winter Dance, February 8, 2003. Dancers enjoyed the wide variety of music the band played.
Guest percussionists joined the band on several of our Latin selections.
Guest percussionists in front of the band
The trumpet section—Harvey Skow, Gene Phares, Mark Lee, and Bob Nielsen—played a passage in "La Bamba"..
The trumpets hold their bells out straight.
Glen Peterson played a tenor sax solo. Standing, Glen looks down at the music. Kirk looks at the music while Karensings through her smile. Karen Dunn and Kirk Lindberg sang a duet on "A Whole New World".
Brian concentrates on his solo as Carl, Mike, and Jim accompany. Drummer Jim Foster, guitarist Carl Berger, and electric bassist Mike Wobig accompanied Brian Dole's spirited piano solo on "The Kid from Red Bank."
Kay plays alto sax. Kay Foster soloed on "Embraceable You". Mickey plays tenor sax.

Mickey Lockner improvised on "Route 66".


Kay and Leslie stand up while playing their duet. Kay Foster and Leslie Brandt played an alto sax duet on "Moon River".
Singing with closed eyes, Karen gestures toward the Roseville big Band sign. Karen gestured while singing "When You Wish Upon a Star".
The sax section played "La Cumparsita." Saxes, trombones, and rhythm section all focus on the music.

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