Carleton 2003 Guest Percussionists

Students and faculty danced the mambo to "El Sol Tambien Se Pone." They tangoed to Leroy Anderson's "Blue Tango." They salsed to "La Bamba." And they supplemented the Roseville Big Band's rhythm section, playing maracas, congas, guiro, afuche, claves and other Latin percussion instruments on these and other selections the band played for the Carleton College Mid-Winter Ball, February 8, 2003.
Guest percussionists in front of the band
Guiro and afuche players. Shaker and maraca players. Even a single maraca adds to the Latin sound.
Maraca players. Triangle and tambourine players Conga player wearing a ten-gallon hat. Shaker and agogo bells players

Click to see pictures of the dancers and the band at the 2003 dance.
Click here to see pictures from the Roseville Big Band performances at other Carleton College Mid-Winter Dances.

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