Tips for Listening to Sound

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Throughout the Roseville Big Band web site, clicking on a speaker icon takes you to a page that has sound clips. If audio is your main interest, follow the Songs link at the bottom of this page; the CDs, About Us, and Meet the Band links will also lead you to lots of sound clips.

The audio excerpts are encoded in RealAudio format or Windows Media Audio format, and you need software (e.g., RealPlayer or Windows Media Player) that can decode that format to play them. Some excerpts are also encoded in a format that includes video. If the software is installed correctly, clicking on the audio or video format in the rightmost column of the table below will launch the player and you'll hear the music after a short delay. The table also has hyperlinks to web pages about the people performing the excerpt. The other web pages with Roseville Big Band audio excerpts contain tables similar to this example.

Excerpt Name Description Streaming Audio or Video Format
Somebody Loves Me - First Phrase The Rosetones, vocal quartet; 11 secs. 28.8 Stereo RealAudio (29KB)
28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (29KB)
String of Pearls - Trumpet Solo Glen Newton, soloist; 29 secs. (audio) or 21 secs. (video) 28.8 Stereo RealAudio (77KB)
28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (76KB)
56Kbps Mono Windows Media Video (96KB)
Blue Skies - Scat Vocal Solo Keith Miner, soloist; 27 secs. 28.8 Stereo RealAudio (68KB)
28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (68KB)
56Kbps Windows Media Video (123KB)
In the Mood - Guitar Vamp Carl Berger, soloist; 16 secs. 28.8 Stereo RealAudio (41KB)
28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (42KB)

56Kbps Mono RealVideo (71KB)

If you need RealPlayer, you can get it free from the web site. If you click here, you will open a new browser window to that site. The window you are now reading will still be open, but it might be covered up by the new window. Similarly, you can get Windows Media Player free from Microsoft's web site.

There are also some songs on the web site in .mp3 format, such as "My Little Girl", an original composition by band member Keith Miner. Here's the entire song (3 minutes, 43 seconds) as a downloadable medium-fidelity MP3 file (2.2MB mp3).

To learn more about Roseville Big Band audio, read our frequently asked audio questions.

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Friday, February 07, 2020.

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