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Welcome to the Roseville Big Band web site!

This web site consists of pages connected by hyperlinks. A text hyperlink is underlined and displayed in a different color. For example, the phrase "CLICK ME" following this paragraph is hyperlinked to another page. If you click the underlined phrase with your primary mouse button, you will be taken to a page related to the underlined phrase. Go ahead and try it. CLICK ME.

Pictures may also be hyperlinked to other web pages. When your mouse pointer is over a picture that is hyperlinked to another web page, it will turn into a hand with a pointing index finger. If you pause briefly ("hover") over the picture, text describing the hyperlink will pop up. Try hovering, then click on this picture: Learn about pictures on the Roseville Big Band web site.

If you find a speaker icon, clicking it will take you to a page that includes sounds of the Roseville Big Band: Learn about listening to Roseville Big Band sounds. Try it.

Some of the hyperlinks from this web site take you to other web sites. In this case, clicking a hyperlink opens a new browser window. Thus the page you were viewing from the Roseville Big Band web site is still open, but it might be covered up by the new window. In this case, the new browser window will not have a Back link to take you back to the Roseville Big Band web site, but you can return by closing the other site's window. You could also leave both windows open and alternate between them, depending on your interests.

The topics of most general interest can be reached by following the text links at the bottom of each page or the graphical navigation bar at the left of each page. Hover over each of the buttons in the navigation bar to see which part of the web site you will reach by clicking it. (If you don't see the navigation bar, perhaps you reached this page directly. In that case, click below to visit this site starting at the top.)

To find the many pictures, sounds, and paragraphs about the Roseville Big Band on this web site, follow all the hyperlinks that interest you. Remember that sometimes you must scroll down to see the whole page and all of the hyperlinks. Some of the fascinating details can only be found by following a trail of several hyperlinks!

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Friday, February 07, 2020.

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