Tips for Viewing Pictures

When you clicked on the picture, your web browser loaded this page. If your browser did not display the text "Learn about pictures on the Roseville Big Band web site." when you hovered over the picture on the previous page, then you probably need to install a more currrent web browser.

Glen Newton, Roseville Big Band director and webmaster

You should see a picture above this paragraph, with text in a different, smaller font to the right of the picture; the picture should be indented from the left margin. If it looks different in your web browser, then you probably need an update (e.g., a more recent version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, or Edge) to be able to get the most from visiting the Roseville Big Band web site.

All of the pictures on the Roseville Big Band web site have been optimized for fast downloading, but some are very large pictures. If you have a slow Internet connection, loading a page containing a large picture might take a long time. For this reason, many of the pop-ups associated with graphics tell you the size of the hyperlinked page (e.g., "Bigger picture is 72K.") This helps you make the decision about whether to link to the page or not. As you can see above, the initial smaller picture is often cropped, so by viewing the bigger one, you see more of the picture as well as seeing it in more detail.

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Sunday, April 24, 2022.

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