Len Yaeger

Len played a solo on "Rock Around the Clock" at the September 30, 2003, rehearsal. Len plays the band's Selmer bari.
Len and friends emote on "What a Wonderful World." Len sang tenor in the vocal quartet on the August 1 and 8, 2006, concerts. From left to right: Glen Newton, bass; Len; Dani Maresh, soprano; Karen Dunn, alto.
Len played bass and soprano saxes at the July 11, 2006, rehearsal. Len plays bass sax with the soprano by his side. Len plays alto while Glen plays tenor Len traded solos with tenor saxophonist Glen Peterson at the May 22, 2010, Commemorative Air Force Spring Hangar Dance.

Len is a retired software engineer who majored in music theory at the University of Minnesota. He performs on soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, and bass saxes, clarinet, and tuba. Len first performed with the Roseville Big Band at a wedding reception October 4, 2003 and has since played with the group on several other occasions.

His first big band composition, "Reverie for Ruben," received its premiere performance March 19, 2006, when the Roseville Big Band included it on a concert at Sholom Home East in St. Paul. Len dedicated it to Ruben Haugen, whose teaching and performing has inspired countless musicians of all levels. Len's compositions, "Slow Dance for Lynn" and "Augie's Turn" have also joined the band's repertoire.

The Roseville Big Band gave the premiere performance of Len's composition, “Jammin' with Joan,” in concert on November 14, 2010, at Edinborough Park in Edina. This piece is dedicated to Joan Griffith, a top-flight performer and teacher who has mentored hundreds of students in the Twin Cities.

The Roseville Big Band also gave the premiere performance of Len's Christmas song, "In the Time of Nick," dedicated to former Roseville Big Band trombonist Mike Bratlie.

Len recently renewed his studies of composition at the University of Minnesota and has written several “legit” pieces for winds, strings, and voices.

Len is the leader and bass sax player in Lazy Does It, a traditional dixeland ensemble that includes trumpet, trombone, clarinet, drums, piano, and banjo in addition to bass sax. The group performs for the Pratt School Ice Cream Social in Prospect Park, Minneapolis, every year (usually the first Friday in June). In August, 2010, Lazy Does It played for the City of Lauderdale's “Day in the Park” and was invited to return next year. Now that most of the “Lazy Doers” are retired, Len is seeking more playing venues for this group. Roseville Big Band leader Glen Newton and frequent sub Jeff Olsen are among the not-yet-retired "Lazy Doers."

You might have heard Len sitting in with the Mouldy Figs, the Pig's Eye Jass Band, the Sanok Dixieland Band or the Bill Evans traditional jazz band. He also subs frequently on saxes and clarinet in Beasley's Big Band, the Johnny Owen Band, and the River City Jazz Orchestra.

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