Jake Nyberg

Jake plays with an unmatched grip. Jake filled in for injured drummer Kenne Thomas at the Children's Hospital Association 56th Annual Ball, November 19, 2005.
Jake played with the band at a corporate party in St. Paul in February, 1999. Bigger picture is 33K

Jake soloed on drum set with the Roseville Big Band on "Wind Machine" on the June 9, 1998, concert in the Central Park band shell.

A 1998 graduate of Roseville Area High School (RAHS), Jake played drum set in the RAHS Jazz Band and percussion in the Symphonic Band.He began playing drum set in 5th grade.

Jake was the drummer in Hektor and the Gas Giants, a group based in Roseville in the late 1990's that enjoyed great popularity but disbanded when the members went away to different colleges. His compositions include "Love You Like Eats", "My Dad Can Swing", "Swing Shift", and "Hektor's Last Stand", which are included on "Who's Hektor?", the group's CD.

You might also have heard his jazz quartet, the Nick Videen Trio plus One, at Barley John's Brewpub and other Twin Cities venues in the early 21st century.

Jake has also been the drummer in Jazz Etc., a septet led by Mike Bratlie, whose performances included playing for the November 2002 Minnesota Republican Party victory celebration.

Jake was the drummer for the top jazz band at Bethel College, and he and his sister Jana were both featured in Jazz I on the November 15, 2002, Bethel College Jazz Orchestra concert. Jake performs as the drummer in the Jana Nyberg Group.

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