Tico Tico
Performed by Reunion

This song, 2 minutes and 24 seconds in length, features (in order of their solo playing) Ted Bailey, Glen Newton, and Dan Kirchner. The group included this song in their fifteen-minute set of four songs on the Friday night concert at the Evart Funfest. Dan chose the name Reunion for the group because it was a musical reunion for him and Glen after nearly 40 years of independent musical growth since they had performed together in the Starliters, the Crusaders, the Balladaires, and other musical groups in Big Rapids, Michigan. Reunion also reflected Dan's move back from Colorado to Michigan, where he and Ted have performed as a duo many times in recent years.

Source: Videotaped live by Jo Newton at the ODPC Hammered Dulcimer Festival in Evart, Michigan, July 17, 2004

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Jo had planned to videotape the performance from closer to the stage, but when the downpour started and she had no umbrella, she retreated to the stands. Your can hear the sounds of some of the audience members around her. Due to the distance from the stage to the camera, the monophonic audio files provide the same music audio as you would hear with stereo files, but the surrounding audience noise has been reduced from its original vibrant stereo.

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