The Balladaires in 1962

The Balladaires perform in the BRHS Band Follies.

The picture above, from the supplement to the 1962 Big Rapids High School (BRHS) Rapidonian, shows the Balladaires with Dan Kirchner.

From right to left, the Balladaires are:

Gordon Brown, tenor/lead (BRHS class of 1964)
Gordon Everitt, lead/tenor/countertenor-falsetto (BRHS class of 1964)
Glen Newton, baritone, string bass (BRHS class of 1965)
John King, lead/bass (BRHS class of 1965)

At the left is guitar accompanist Dan Kirchner (BRHS class of 1962).

Partially visible at left is Chris Bensick, who played tuba in the BRHS band and string bass in the BRHS stage band. All are shown on stage in the BRHS auditorium, at a dress rehearsal for the annual Band Follies.

The dance band members, including Chris and Glen, who played lead trumpet, wore outfits that included white shirts, white waiter's jackets, black bow ties, and blank slacks. John had not yet become the stage band's drummer, so he and the others are dressed slightly differently.

A careful examination of the picture shows that Dan is holding Glen's Silvertone bass guitar. Dan hadn't been told to bring his guitar to school for the yearbook pictures, so rather than appear empty-handed, he borrowed Glen's instrument. Glen had his bass guitar at school to play with Dan and two others in the Crusaders, who also performed in the Band Follies.

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