Brass Part to "Fire" by Glen Newton

The composer's comments:

I wrote the brass parts to "The Elements" within the constraints of my own abilities, while taking advantage of several less common instruments played by other composer/musicians in the workshop. I chose the key of concert G minor for "Fire", the final movement, because it worked very well for the shawm and bass clarinet. To play the first theme on a trumpet in this key, the best choice for technical facility was the E-flat trumpet, which introduces the theme at letter B.

The part also calls for alto horn in F. I had the option of using French horn instead, but I chose the alto horn for two reasons. First, I felt that its tone was a better match for the less refined double reed sounds of the shawm and rackett. Second, the musical line I wanted as a composer, while within my abilities on the alto horn, was too difficult for me to play on the French horn.

--- Glen Newton

"Fire" - page 1 of brass part.

At letter F, the tonality changes to concert G major, and the rackett introduces the second theme. Starting with the pickups to letter H, the alto horn plays a variation on that theme, while the rest of the ensemble provides a background with a 6/8 march feel.

Click here to see the second page of the brass part to "Fire" (600x483 pixels, 56K).

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Friday, February 07, 2020.

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