Glen Newton Plays Trumpet at a School Music Honors Assembly

  Glen Newton plays a trumpet solo, accompanied by his mother, Dorothy Newton. Glen Newton performed "Prelude et Ballade", which Barat originally composed as an examination piece for the Paris Conservatory.

Glen Newton played trumpet in Big Rapids schools from fourth through twelfth grade, including playing first trumpet in the high school concert band and stage band from the middle of his seventh grade year through graduation. This unusual opportunity arose because seventh through twelfth grades were taught in the same building, and band director Aldie Long allowed the advanced seventh and eighth graders to play with the senior band.

"Prelude et Ballade" is one of the solos he played in the Solo and Ensemble festival, accompanied by his mother, Dorothy Newton. His first division rating in Proficiency II made him eligible to participate two weeks later in the First Annual Michigan State Honors Band.

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