Glen Newton Selected for the First All-State Honors Band

Picture of Glen with article dated April 3, 1964.

This April 3, 1964, article in the Big Rapids Pioneer reflected some of Glen Newton's musical versatility.

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The Starliters (whose name was misspelled by the Pioneer)

The Big Rapids Pioneer carried this article about Glen Newton after he was selected to play in the First All-State Honors Band in Michigan. In an era when the common soprano brass instrument was the cornet, Glen was one of only two trumpeters selected for the band.

Based on his Proficiency scores at the state Solo & Ensemble competition, Glen was tentatively listed as first chair. However, at the beginning of the weekend All-State Honors Band and Orchestra festival, tryouts established that the other trumpeter would play first for the concert.

The concert was held in Flint, Michigan as part of the Michigan Week Youth Enrichment Festival. The commemorative citation signed by Governor George Romney is dated May 23, 1964.

In his senior year, Glen's Proficiency scores were once again the best among all trumpeters in the state, and he was invited to play in the Second All-State Honors Band. However, due to a conflict with the Senior Prom, he regretfully declined the invitation.

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