Posters for performances and Roseville Big Band business cards provide a graphic look at some of the Roseville Big Band's history.

The Confederate Air Force's 2nd Annual Fleming Field Days, May 21 & 22, 1983, featured a USO dance and the opportunity to see a B-25 Mitchell bomber being completely restored. Music for the dance was "the big band sound of the 20 piece Roseville Jazz Ensemble." USO Dance with the Roseville Jazz Ensemble
Tough guy in a fighter plane with guns pointed at the viewers commands them to "Dance". The Confederate Air Force 1993 Spring Dance poster was reminiscent of Westerns in which the villain shoots at his victim's feet and commands him to "dance". Inside the hangar, however, there were no villains—only dancers, bagpipers, and, of course, the Roseville Big Band.
A World War II bomber and swing dancers silhouetted in front of the moon advertised the Confederate Air Force's Fall 1994 hangar dance. Like their other recent fall dances, it was a Bomber's Moon Ball. Confederate Air Force Bomber's Moon Ball, Fall 1994 (36K)
Confederate Air Force Spring Hangar Dance (42K) Cartoon military men advertised the Confederate Air Force's Spring, 1998, dance in hangar #3 at Fleming Field in South St. Paul.
Lively swing dancers formed the central graphics to advertise 1997 and 1999 swing dances at Roseville Area High School to support arts activities in the Roseville area. 1997: Cartoon ballroom dancers (21K) 1999: Cartoon dancers (17K)
"Roseville Big Band" stands out prominently in black letters on a purple background. Bigger picture is 85K. 1930's-era clip art showed dancers swaying to music from a "hot" band, to advertise a First Saturday Swing Dance in 2001 featuring the Roseville Big Band at the Tapestry Folkdance Center.
The Confederate Air Force's Spring, 2001, flyers promised "the sounds of the 40's Featuring the Fabulous Roseville Big Band". The following year, the organization changed its name to the "Commemorative Air Force." "Spring in Swingin' Ghost Squadron Hangar Dance, Saturday, May 19, 2001; Swing to the sounds of the 40's Featuring the Fabulous Roseville Big Band". Bigger picture is 46K.
Roseville Big Band, July 17, 6:30-8:00 p.m. Bigger picture is 39K. The Minnesota History Center included a Roseville Big Band sticker with the ad for its 2001 outdoor dance series.
The Roseville Big Band trombone section was featured on the Summer Entertainment 2001 schedule for Central Park performances. Roseville Summer Entertainment 2001 title with the trombones below, playing outdoors in tuxes. Bigger picture is 75K.
Augustana Concert Series Presents 2 Big Concerts, Roseville Big Band featuring the Rosetones, Sunday October 27, 2002, 4:00 p.m. Augustana Lutheran Church's 2002 flyer advertised "Roseville Big Band featuring the Rosetones".
The Commemorative Air Force's Fall, 2005, poster featured Miss Mitchell, a restored B-25 bomber. Bomber's Moon Ball, featuring the Roseville Big Band. Larger picture is 45K.
2019 Spring Big Band Hangar Dance poster The Commemorative Air Force's Spring, 2019, poster reflected their name change, several years earlier, from "Southern Minnesota Wing" to "Minnesota Wing" of the CAF.
Roseville Big Band business cards reflect the changing locations of the Parks and Recreation department --- on Woodhill Drive, Arona Street, and County Road B. The Parks and Recreation department is now located in City Hall, at 2660 Civic Center Drive. Roseville Big Band cards show three different locations of the Parks and Recreation department. Bigger pictures total 46K.

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