Roseville Big Band Business Cards

Parks and Recreation office at 1114 Woodhill Drive in Roseville The Roseville Parks and Recreation offices in the city building at 1114 Woodhill Drive served as the administrative home for the Roseville Big Band until the fall of 1991. During this time the band rehearsed at Kellogg High School, then at Fairview and Parkview Community Centers.
From late 1991 until October, 2000, the Parks and Recreation headquarters were the former Ralph Reeder elementary school at 2800 Arona Street, which later became the NCR-ComTen shipping building, and during most of this time the Roseville Big Band rehearsed in a large room in this building. Parks and Recreation office at 2800 Arona Street in Roseville
Parks and Recreation office at 1910 West County Road B in Roseville. Bigger picture is 88K. "Our Promise to You".

The band later moved its rehearsals to Roseville Area Middle School, then to St. Michael's Church in Roseville, a few blocks from the new Parks and Recreation office. The 2001 business card, shown in the bottom row above, is the first to include printing on both front and back. Click the front to see the card at a larger size (88K, approximately 740x674 pixels).

In October, 2004, the Parks and Recreation office moved to 2660 Civic Center Drive, in the newly-remodeled City Hall.

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