Southern Police Institute
Alumni Association Dance

The Roseville Big Band sign hangs below the Minnesota Chapter, Southern Police Institute Alumni Association sign.
Click here for a list of the songs the Roseville Big Band played at the dance.
Experienced dancers knew the right moves for "Every Day I Have the Blues" ... A couple dances west coast swing.
Two girls swing dance. ... while dancers of all ages got into the swing of things.
Some guest percussionists played "Mambo #5" in front of the band ... Girls play afuche and tambourine. Bigger picture is 39K
Dancing guest percussionist. Bigger picture is 32K. ... while others managed to mambo while playing!
Jim Foster was surrounded by his drum set ... Jim Foster, Roseville Big Band drummer
Guitarist Carl Berger. Bigger pictures total 48K. ... while joining guitarist Carl Berger ...
... and bassist Mike Wobig to keep "Night Train" chugging along. Mike Wobig, Roseville Big Band electric bassist
Barb, Mark, and Karen sing a trio. Barb Harvey, Mark Scanlan, and Karen Dunn harmonized on "Moon River".
Glen Peterson soloed on "Dance to the Big Band Swing". Glen Peterson, tenor sax soloist. Bigger picture is 48K.
The band played "Show Me the Way to Go Home" to end the evening.
Roseville Big Band brass section. Bigger picture is 32K.

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