Guest Percussionists

Volunteers from the audience play along with the Roseville Big Band on congas, maracas, shakers and other Latin percussion instruments, even if they've never played before!

Carleton College students joined the Roseville Big Band for Latin music at the 2003 Mid-Winter ball.Carleton College students had fun playing along with the Roseville Big Band at the 2002 Mid-Winter Ball. Bigger pictures total 62K.Dancers at Tapestry Folkdance Center played Latin percussion with the band. Bigger picture is 42K.Dinner guests at the Children's Hospital Association 54th Annual Ball played Latin percussion instruments with the band. Bigger pictures total 110K.Middle school jazz band members played along with the Roseville Big Band at the 2001 Rosevelt Middle School Jazz Festival.Dancers at the Fall 2002 Commemorative Air Force dance played along on "Cha Cha Cha for Judy". Bigger pictures total 190K.Audience volunteers joined us on stage at Edinborough Park to play vibra-slap and other Latin percussion instruments.  Bigger picture is 32K.At the Carleton College Mid-Winter Dance in February 2001, student guest percussionists played with the Roseville Big Band. Bigger picture is 65K.Audience volunteers at Central Park played afuche and other Latin percussion instruments. Bigger picture is 26K.Carleton College student volunteer percussionists played along with the band in February 2000. Bigger picture is 21K.2015 CAF Dance conga volunteercowbell at CAF danceRatchet at Carleton 2014

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