From Photo to CD Cover

Glen Newton plays trumpet, mostly ignored by audience members.

This photograph by Helen Kerr forms the background for the Roseville Big Band Concert in the Park CD cover. In the picture, trumpet soloist and band leader Glen Newton plays an improvised solo while standing near the top of the grassy amphitheater in Roseville's Central Park. The following were the main steps to turn the picture above into the CD art below:

Cover art for Roseville Big Band CD. Bigger picture is 51K.

• Crop the picture to a square.
• Color Glen's shirt blue to look more like the current band shirts.
• Apply a brushstroke filter to make it look more like a painting.
• Scan the score to Keith Miner's composition, "My Little Girl" Hear excerpts from "My Little Girl"., make it look wavey, and turn it into an overlay.
• Use the "perspective tiling" option of KPT Planar Tile 3.0 to create an overlay of notes fading away in the distance above the trees, using Gretchen Nielsen's artwork as a starter.
• Add text.

Glen Newton produced the cover art using Photoshop 5. Fortunately, one of the Photoshop tutorials showed how to create a CD cover, and it even included the detailed steps for making an image (such as the musical score) look wavey. A portion of that same wavey musical score image forms the background for the pages on this web site, and the script "Roseville Big Band" forms part of the top banner for this web site.

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