String of Pearls - Audio Excerpts
Performed by the Roseville Big Band

Source: Recorded live at 3M Corporation's Tartan Park, November 17, 2001

Excerpt Name Description Streaming Audio or Video Format
Trumpet solo Glen Newton, soloist; 29 secs. (audio) or 21 secs. (video)

28.8 Stereo Windows Media Audio (76KB)
56Kbps Mono Windows Media Video (96KB)

In this excerpt, Glen's solo is nearly the same as the solo played by legendary trumpeter Bobby Hackett on the original recording with the Glenn Miller orchestra. Although the solo is written as improvisation, it has become tradition with many bands to imitate Hackett's rendition.

The Glenn Miller band's recording of "String of Pearls" was seventh in the 1955 Billboard Magazine poll.

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