Dueling Dips

Dean dips Cathy and Chris dips Natalie, while dressed in WWII-era garb. Swing dancers Dean and Cathy Kettner (left) and Chris and Natalie Dillon (right) showed their dipping style while dancing at Cathy's birthday party. The Moonlight Serenaders big band played for the party.
Natalie, Chris, Cathy, and Dean relaxed after performing at Puting on the Ritz 2002.

Dean and Cathy have been swing dancing for about three years, and Chris and Natalie for about a year and a half. They were the four featured swing dancers for the demonstrations at the March 9, 2002, fundraiser for Roseville Area High School, Putting on the Ritz, demonstrating east coast swing to "American Patrol" and swing Charleston to "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy".

Dean and Cathy were also the dance instructors for the May, 2002, Commemorative Air Force dance.

Just as Roseville Big Band members enjoy improvising musical creations with their instruments and voices, Dean, Cathy, Chris, and Natalie enjoy improvising dance creations within the freestyle guidelines of swing dance.

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