Daniel Kuch

Dan Kuch practices his trumpet solo on "Red House". Dan used a plunger to enhance the bluesy feel of his two choruses on "Red House" with the Roseville Big Band, July 4, 2001.   Dan rehearsed "As Time Goes By" with the Roseville Big Band at St. Michael's Lutheran Church, July 1, 2003.
Dan, who is a Colonel is the Commemorative Air Force, improvised a solo on "Route 66" at the June 7, 2014, Commemorative Air Force hangar dance.   Dan directed the Roseville Community Band's rendition of James Ployhar's "Testimonials of Liberty", July 4, 2001. Dan Kuch, in suit with back to camera, directs the Roseville Community Band shortly before the fireworks.

Daniel Kuch was drum major and student director of the University of Minnesota Marching Band from 1981 to 1983. From 1983 to 1997, he was drum major and director of the Alumni Band.

You might have seen and heard Dan as the solo trumpet player for the University of Minnesota gymnastics and swimming teams. If you've ever seen the trumpeter at a national swimming meet play the Star Spangled Banner, then set the horn down and do a flying reverse somersault off the ten meter tower wearing a tuxedo, that was Dan.

He also has been drum major and director of the Edison High School Alumni Band from 1978 to the present.

He also directed the Northeast Minneapolis Community Ensemble for two years.

Since April, 2001, Dan has been the Roseville Community Band director. He has now held that position longer than any previous director.

At the Roseville Big Band's July 4, 2001, concert, Dan was featured improvising on "Red House". On the July 4, 2003, concert, he was the featured trumpet soloist on "As Time Goes By" and played several improvised choruses of "Route 66" standing close to the audience and using a wireless microphone attached to his trumpet. On July 4, 2011, Dan was again featured on "As Time Goes By" as well as Steve Wright's "Butterfly."

Dan's big band experience also includes subbing in the Dick Whitbeck Big Band.

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