The David Andrew's Big Band

David Andrew Anderson is the leader and vocalist for The David Andrew's Big Band, which performs in and around the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

David Andrew Anderson sang at the Wabasha Street Caves, August 11, 2000. Although the band usually dresses more formally for performances, they dressed down for the caves.
David listened as the band took a chorus. Among the other musicians visible are pianist Glen Newton; bassist Joe Weismann; saxophonists Jason "Buddy" Weismann, Ralph Johnson, Tom Solak, and John Lingle; trombonists Erik Anderson and Tasha Baron; and trumpeters Mark Rassier, Michael Supple, and Dave Wondra. Also playing that evening but hidden at the left was drummer Zach Miller. The band often includes another sax and another trombone, but the limited space at the caves accomodates the smaller group better.

More recent photos of the band are on David's web site: If you are interested in booking the band, contact David by email:, or by phone: 612-701-2048.

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