Brett Kimble

Brett played lead alto sax at the April 12, 2011, sit-in night.
Brett played a solo on "Pure Imagination" on the June 21, 2011, concert. Here's a video of that solo:

Brett first performed with the Roseville Big Band on the June 21, 2011, concert that was moved from Central Park to St. Michael's.

Brett is a member of the Coon Rapids High School class of 2012. He began playing alto saxophone in 6th grade. He has marched in the Coon Rapids High School Marching Cardinals Band since 8th grade, and he has been in the top jazz band at Coon Rapids High School since his freshman year.

Brett currently plays in the Coon Rapids High School Concert Band and Jazz I Band. He has performed on all members of the saxophone quartet - soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone - in school concerts.

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