Andy Galkiewicz

Andy Galkiewicz, alto sax soloist Andy practiced"Star-Crossed Lovers" at the June 26, 2006, Roseville Big Band rehearsal.
  Andy looks down at the chords. Andy improvised a solo on "Jumpin' at the Woodside" on the July 4, 2006, concert in Central Park.
Andy acknowledged the audience's applause for his performance of "The Star-Crossed Lovers" on the July 4, 2006, Roseville Big Band concert. Andy smiles at the audience.

A member of the Roseville Area High School (RAHS) class of 2006, Andy was a member of the Jazz I ensemble for three years, as well as performing in the Concert and Symphonic Bands. Among Andy's musical honors was his selection as one of the outstanding soloists at the 2006 University of Wisconsin jazz festival in LaCross. He also received a perfect score and a "Best of Site" award for his alto sax solo in the 2006 Solo & Ensemble Festival.

Andy also played in the RAHS Senior Honors Recital.

Andy was featured soloing on "The Star-Crossed Lovers" on the Roseville Big Band's July 4, 2006, concert.

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