The World's Largest Jazz Band

Trying for the Guinness Book of World Records, Bob Lancette invited all current and past members of the Roseville Jazz Ensemble and other musicians around the Twin Cities to participate in "The World's Largest Jazz Band".

Shortly before, Dr. Frank Bencriscuto, head of bands at the University of Minnesota, had attempted a similar feat by inviting bandsmen, string players, and vocalists to participate in "The World's Largest Orchestra" at the Taste of Minnesota festival, held on the grounds of the state capitol on July 4. His attempt fell short by several hundred musicians.

Bob's attempt might have been considered, but since there were only 45 participants it never appeared in the book.

The group performed in Roseville's Central Park band shell on Sunday, August 25, 1985. The personnel were as follows:

1 director      
  6 alto saxes 10 trumpets/ flugelhorns 1 piano
  5 tenor saxes 10 trombones 5 basses
  3 baritone saxes   2 guitars
      2 drums

Among the songs performed by the large group were "Show Me the Way to Go Home", "Two O'Clock Jump", "Shiny Stockings", and "Sweet Georgia Brown".

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