Schubert and Singley

At the January 18, 2001, rehearsal, the St. Anthony Civic Orchestra played works by classical master Franz Schubert and contemporary classical-style composer Donald Singley.

Dick Peik, clarinet soloist.Composer Don Singley follows along on the score.

Soloist Dick Peik rehearsed the Clarinet Concerto as its composer Don Singley looked on. Dick and Don are the orchestra's principal and second clarinetists. The orchestra has previously performed Don's symphonies.

Carol Jensen and the violins.

Conductor Carol Jensen and seven of the string players have been with the orchestra since its founding in 1975.

Sarah Elkin, Dwight Mennenga, and Mark Bispala.Carol Jensen and the low strings, including Florence Marks.

Sarah Elkin, Dwight Mennenga, and Mark Bispala played the horn and trumpet parts in Schubert's Third Symphony.

Violist Florence Marks, barely visible here in the back row, was a member of the committee of St. Anthony Residents who submitted the request to the St. Anthony Bicentennial Committee for funding to start a community musical organization. Although now a member of the viola section, she was the orchestra's original principal flutist. Florence has also written music for the orchestra.

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