Percussion Part to "Water" by Glen Newton

"Water" - page 1 of percussion part.

This movement from "The Elements", which Glen Newton composed as part of the 1983 West Bank School of Music composers' workshop, is based on the five-note motif B-A-F-E-D. In the development, the tenor saxes and cup-muted trumpet enter different keys in a variety of styles, but the glockenspiel reminds the listener of the motif in the bar before C and again at D.

The composer comments:

I used the descending glissando on the bell tree to suggest flowing water in the introduction and match the direction of the plucked piano strings. The ascending glissandi are complementary and might suggest rising water bubbles. At the beginning of the workshop, Matt demonstrated lots of percussion techniques and sounds; when he struck the Asian bells together I noted the delicacy of their tone and remembered it when I was looking for an additional light percussive sound for this movement.

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