Horns in the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band

Glen, Jen, Cam, and Ken are the horn section of the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band.

Standard brass band instrumentation includes a horn section comprised of a B-flat flugelhorn and three E-flat horns. In England, and in most brass band contexts throughout the world, the E-flat instruments are called tenor horns; in America they are often called alto horns. In the picture above, the horn section members of the Sheldon Theatre Brass Band (right to left: flugelhorn player Ken Roberts and tenor horn players Cami Madison, Jennifer Greupner, and Glen Newton) pose before the November 24, 2007, concert.

The band owns the larger instruments, Yamaha alto horns. Glen and Cami hold the YAH-601ST model. The "T" denotes the trigger, which, when pushed, extends the first valve slide.

For brass banding, an upright bell instrument is a must, but Glen also occasionally plays his Besson 2-20 bell-front alto horn, shown at right, in Roseville Big Band concerts. Besson 2-20 Eb/F alto horn

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