The Balladaires of Big Rapids High School

The Balladaires perform in the BRHS Band Follies.

From left to right, the Balladaires are:

Gordy Everitt, lead/tenor/countertenor-falsetto, tenor guitar (BRHS class of 1964)
Gordy Brown, tenor/lead (BRHS class of 1964)
Glen Newton, baritone, guitar/string bass (BRHS class of 1965)
John King, lead/bass, banjo/string bass (BRHS class of 1965)

In the background, the set for the Big Rapids High School Band Follies is visible.

John and Glen played drum set and lead trumpet, respectively, in the stage band that backed most of the acts for the Band Follies, and they stepped out from the stage band to sing with the quartet. They are wearing the starched white waiter's jackets, black pants, and bow ties that served as the uniform for the boys in the stage band.

Gordy Everitt and Gordy Brown are wearing red sport coats.

Gordy Everitt played tuba in the band and also wrote songs ("I'm a Dealer" and others). Gordy Brown played clarinet in the band, the organization from which nearly all the Band Follies performers were drawn. However, singing was his forte, prompting band director Aldie Long to propose the following in Gordy's senior year:

"I'll give you an A in band if you'll pass out and collect the music folders at every rehearsal, sing in the Balladaires, and let your younger sister Diane use your clarinet."

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