High School and Earlier
Compositions by Glen Newton


Hannibal the Cannibal vocal solo (1964; with Glen Corrie)
Little Cathy vocal solo with two backup singers and 2 guitars, bass and drums (1965; words by Glen Corrie; recorded by Glen Corrie (lead singer), Gordon Brown (tenor backup vocal), Glen Newton (baritone backup vocal), and the Crusaders or Starliters-- Dan Kirchner (lead guitar), Jon Hansen (rhythm guitar), Glen Newton (bass guitar), and Ed Roberts (drums); "Coral Sea", 1966, is the instrumental version for big band)
I Bet the Fish is
Bitin' Good Today
TB with guitar accompaniment (1963; words by Roy Newton)
I Knew Thee Not SATB with organ (1964; words by Roy Newton; premiered by the Chancel Choir of the United Church of Big Rapids, Michigan, under choir director and organist Dorothy Newton)
I'm a Dealer vocal and combo (1963; with Gordy Everitt)
My Angel vocal and combo (June 7, 1963; words by Gordy Everitt)


BRHS Band Follies
1965 Fanfare
stage band (March 2, 1965)
Duet #1 two trombones (1959)
The Galloping Trumpet trumpet solo with piano (July 1963)
Glory Forever concert band (started in 1958, finished in 1977 and renamed "The Express"; see "The Express" in the list of adult compositions for details and other versions)
The Gladiator -
three trumpets, two trombones (or trombone and baritone), and tuba (1959)
Invention in F piano solo (July 12, 1963)
A Keystone Cops Episode piano, tuba, drums, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones; written for the Big Rapids High School stage band for performance with the senior dance group; based on silent movie themes (February 2, 1965; performed in the Band Follies, Big Rapids, Michigan, with Glen Newton on piano)
The Matador -
three trumpets (1959)
Matt Dillon instrumental trio with rhythm section (January 1962)
Out to Lunch alto, tenor, and baritone saxes; trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, and drums (July 12, 1964)
Suite in C Minor brass sextet: 2 trumpets, horn, trombone, euphonium, tuba; also transcribed for piano and organ duo (original August 29, 1962; played by a brass sextet from Northwestern College at Landmark Center, St. Paul, on a Minnesota Composer's Forum concert November 14, 1978; piano/organ duo created August 30, 1963, and performed by Glen Newton (piano) and Dorothy Newton (organ) at the United Church of Big Rapids, September 17, 1967.)
The Two Cornets cornet duet (1959)
Typhoid Fever percussion trio: high tom, medium tom, triangle; Chinese cymbal, wood block, tambourine, guiro; medium-low tom, low tom, bass drum, cow bell (April 2, 1963)

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