All of Me

Glen Peterson plays tenor sax and Rich Eyman plays trombone as vocalist Sarah Morris and band members look on.

Lennie Niehaus' arrangement of "All of Me" has been a staple of the Roseville Big Band repertoire for years. Band vocalists Mary Lou Peterman and Karen Dunn sang it at most dances, and guest vocalists Melanie Walsh (1992) and Sarah Morris (1997 and 2001) performed it in concerts at the Roseville Central Park band shell.

In Niehaus's arrangement, the vocalist sings the first chorus, followed by two instrumental solo choruses, a half chorus of band tutti, and a vocal half chorus with an extended ending. The Roseville Big Band's standard way of performing the instrumental solos is to have a full chorus of trumpet solo by Glen Newton, followed by a chorus in which two instrumentalists alternate four-bar phrases ("trading fours").

The photo above was taken during the band's final warmup (and sneak preview for the live audience) for the July 4, 2001, concert. As Sarah Morris and band members watch, Glen Peterson (tenor sax) and Rich Eyman (trombone) have been trading fours and now finish their shared chorus by playing the last two bars as joint improvisation. Glen Newton's trumpet is on its stand because for this particular concert, he played his solo on the cornet, whose empty case is visible to the left of his trumpet.

Tenor sax and cornet

In the photo at left, Glen Newton is finishing his cornet solo during the performance as Glen Peterson begins his first four bars.

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