The Roseville Big Band in Acapulco

In March, 1989, the Roseville Big Band flew to Acapulco, Mexico, for a week that included four performances led by director Paul Pizner.

A young fan watches as Glen Newton solos on "Doc's Holiday" at the Ministry of Culture stage. The band plays on a stone and adobe stage in a park. Bigger picture is 92K.
Children watch Glen play while standing on the ledge around an ornamental fountain. Glen Newton improvised a solo on "Killer Joe" at a plaza in Acapulco.

At some of the concerts, trumpeters Glen Newton and John Curlee ran out into the audience to play improvised solos. Note that the boy in the foreground of the picture above has brought his own guiro to play along with the band while Glen stands on a fountain for his solo.

In addition to the concerts at the Ministry of Culture Stage and in the downtown plaza, the band played a third concert at the Copacabana Hotel and the fourth at a school in Acapulco.

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