Roseville Big Band Concert in Central Park, July 4, 1990

Directed by Glen Newton

Glen says: I'm still looking for the song list. Here are a few notes about the concert from a letter to one of my relatives:

"On July 4th, the Roseville Big Band will be playing 7-8 PM, preceding the Roseville Concert Band's performance, which in turn precedes the fireworks.

"For this performance, I created an arrangements of Rock Around the Clock with five trombone parts, so a former Big Band member will be joining us for that and one other number. And two French horn players and a tuba player from the concert band will play with us for about half the concert. I figured this was a good opportunity to perform some of the expanded arrangements, since the extra musicians would be there anyway for the concert band. (I'm planning to play in the concert band as well, filling in for the piccolo player.)"

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