Roseville Big Band Concert in Central Park, June 14, 1990

Directed by Glen Newton

Glen says: I'm still looking for the song list. Here are a few notes about the concert from a letter to one of my relatives:

"This was the Roseville Big Band's first 1990 concert in Central Park. I directed the band and announced the selections. It went out live over the local cable TV channel, as well as being filmed for later rebroadcast. I also played ad lib solos on the E-flat flute on parts of two pieces and played short ad lib trumpet solos in three others, plus singing in a duet.

"The concert went well, except that the park's PA system gave out in the middle of the third song, and although we were able to get it running again (two hard whaps worked the first time, but after that we had to remove the fuse and put it back in again to get the amp going), it gave out several other times during the concert. Such is the way of live music!"

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