The Roseville Big Band at the 1985 North Suburban Ball

Wearing the Roseville Big Band's red ruffled shirts and playing for the North Suburban Ball, held at Har-Mar Mall in October, 1985 (left to right):

Trumpets (back row): John Curlee (1), Mark Lee (3), Glen Newton (2), Jeff Burnham (4)

Trombones (middle row): Roger Lundberg (bass), Harlan Hohenstein (3), Larry Perry (1), and Carol Jensen (2)

Saxes (front row): Kay Foster (baritone/clarinet), Brian Dole (alto 2), Dan Desmonds (alto 1/clarinet), Melissa Santrach (tenor 1), Dick Leisen (tenor 2)

Rhythm (left side): Laura Welland (piano), Leigh Anderson (guitar), George Hernandez (drums), Jim Foster (electric bass)

Director: Bob Lancette

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