Rhythm & Swing Jumpin', Jivin', and Wailin' to the Roseville Big Band

For the July 4, 2000, concert in Central Park Rhythm & Swing jammed to "Jump, Jive, and Wail".
Jordan Olsen sings a verse while Cam and Kara swing.
Cameron Kaszas and Kara Maytag dance on the Roseville rose as Demi Miller, Jean Ruona, Tim Dean, Cindy and Terry Gardner, Kyle Peterson, and Alice and Will Ribbens await their turn in the dancers' jam.
Will and Alice Ribbens take center stage. Will and Alice do some fancy stepping!
Terry makes way for Kyle and Demi's aerials. Demi is ready to leap over Kyle.
They also performed a choreographed routine to "In the Mood".
Glen Newton plays vibes while Rhythm & Swing dance. In the foreground: Alice and Terry, Kara and Will; behind them are Cam and Jean, Kyle and Cindy.

These pictures are a subset of those on the TC Swing web site.

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