You Can Dance ... Under a Bomber's Wing

Couples dance under a bomber's wing. Dancers at the September 22, 2001, Confederate Air Force Bomber's Moon Ball avoided the rainstorm by dancing under a B-25 bomber.

It was a rainy night, and the hangar was packed with vigorous swing dancers. The Roseville Big Band's music could easily be heard outdoors, but there was no tent for overflow dancers, and the only shelter in site was provided by Miss Mitchell, the Confederate Air Force's B-25J Mitchell Medium Bomber.

As the downpour continued, several couples found extra leg and arm room by dancing under the bomber's wing, staying dry and suggesting yet another dance venue besides those in the lyrics to "Dance to the Big Band Swing":

  You can dance in a ballroom, cafeteria or gym,
Dance in a hangar (and also outside a hangar!) under a bomber's wing,
Dance in the street to a syncopated beat,
Hear that music and Dance to the Big Band Swing! Hear excerpts from "Dance to the Big Band Swing".

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