Chattanooga Choo Choo

Throughout the years, the Roseville Big Band has performed a variety of renditions of Chattanooga Choo Choo. The earliest was an instrumental version.

Next, Mary Lou Peterman and Glen Newton turned it into a vocal duet with the band. Here you see them singing it on the July 20, 1993, concert in Ramsey County's Battle Creek Park.

Later, Kirk Lindberg learned Glen's parts, and Glen created another harmony part to make it a trio. Occasionally, Karen Dunn sang the trio with Kirk and Glen.

"Nothing could be finer than to have your ham and eggs in Carolina."

Shortly thereafter, Cindy Gardner joined the vocal forces on the song, singing Kirk's melody an octave higher to make it a quartet.

A year or two later, the band bought the outstanding Dave Wolpe arrangement and again performed it as an instrumental.

Most recently, in 2001 the band bought the Jeff Hest transcription of the Glenn Miller version, complete with five-part vocal arrangement. After some rework by Glen, the Rosetones vocal quartet sings the modified vocal arrangement with the band.

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Glen sang harmony. Mary Lou sang lead.