Live Television Broadcasts from Central Park

Dave Olsen, John Rusterholz, Adam Moen, and Keith Flanagan prepared to lift the microphones to the top of the band shell for the CTV Channel 15 live coverage of the Roseville Big Band's concert, July 4th, 2000. In the background between Dave and John, you can see scaffolding with a camera tripod on it. This gave the camera a higher viewpoint, which was particularly useful for televising the Roseville Community Band, whose concert followed the Roseville Big Band's concert.

With his camera ready, Jeremy Brodin takes a break before a live broadcast begins.

For the July 4, 2001, concert, Jeremy served as floor director, giving the starting cue to Roseville Big Band director Glen Newton. He also operated one of two hand-held cameras (the one you see on the tripod in the picture).

Jeremy sits in front of his camera wearing a headset.
Heather stands behind the tripod-mounted video camera.

After the July 4, 2002, concerts by the Roseville Big Band and the Roseville Community Band, CTV volunteer Heather Minter pointed her camera at the fireworks display.

To make the fireworks more interesting to television viewers, video director John Rusterholz often uses simultaneous shots from multiple cameras.

CTV15 community television volunteers also videotape indoor concerts by the Roseville Big Band for later playback.


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