2015-2016 Upcoming Events

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Rehearsals every Tuesday except after performances on days other than Tuesday. Other dates (performances, sit-in nights, joint rehearsals or other special events) will be added to the schedule.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015: Rehearse

Tuesday, January 13: Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Tuesday, January 20, 27: Rehearse

Tuesday, February 3: Rehearse

Saturday, February 7: Carleton College Mid-Winter Ball, 22nd performance, set up 7:30-8:30; play 9:30-1:00 a.m. We first played there January 29, 1994. Contact: Lee Clark, Director of Student Activities via email at or via phone at 507-222-4462.  We can also continue to use the account as well. $2000 this year. It's about a 40 minute drive from Eagan, so we'll leave Roseville on the bus, which arrives at 6:30, and pick up at the Blackhawk park-and-ride in Eagan (NE of 35E and Cliff Rd.) around 7:15. They will have cold cuts, veggies, chips, and water/pop/coffee in the Fireside Room, as in the past. We should bring our own piano. (Time notes: Bus was at St. Michaels' before 6:25, loading was done and the bus was on its way by 6:45; it got to Eagan between 7:10 and 7:15; arrived at the destination at 8:00. Setup and sound check took until about 9:00. The bus returned to St Michael's a little after 3 a.m.) Cyrus Deloye ( was the student contact. Karen Dunn fronted the band.

Tuesday, February 10: No rehearsal because of playing for Carleton the previous weekend.

Tuesday, February 17, 24: Rehearse

Tuesday, March 3: Rehearse

Tuesday, March 10: Concert at Sholom Home East, 6:45 p.m. ($100)

Tuesday, March 17, 24: Rehearse

Tuesday, March 31: No rehearsal

Tuesday, April 7, 14: Rehearse

Tuesday, April 14:

Tuesday, April 21: No rehearsal; Glen will be out of town

Tuesday, April 28: Rehearse

Tuesday, May 5: Sit-in night

Tuesday, May 12: Rehearse

Tuesday, May 19: Rehearse; Community room unavailable; rehearse in choir room or sanctuary

Tuesday, May 26: Concert at Augustana Chapel View. 6:30-7:30. Tasha Mercer is the new director of therapeutic recreation. 952-697-3806. We played there 4/3/2012 and 11/27/2012.

Tuesday, June 2: Rehearse

Saturday, June 6: CAF dance 8-midnight

Tuesday, June 9: No rehearsal;Other rehearsals continue on Tuesdays except where noted otherwise.

Saturday, June 13: Concert at Presbyterian Homes Beacon Hill, 1-3 p.m., $325; contact: Linda Johanson (952) 988-8830; summer shirt and khaki pants or shorts.

Tuesday, June 16: Central Park Concert (free)

Tuesday, June 23: Rehearse

Tuesday, June 30: Concert at Como Park pavilion, 7 p.m. (free)

Saturday, July 4: Central Park Concert (free)

Tuesday, July 7: No rehearsal

Tuesday, July 14, 21: Rehearse

Tuesday, July 28: Central Park Concert (free)

August: No rehearsals until after labor day (September 7)

Tuesday, August 25: Concert at Como Park pavilion, 7 p.m. (free)

Tuesday, September 8: Rehearse

Saturday, September 12: CAF Bomber's Moon Ball $700

Tuesday, September 15: No rehearsal

Tuesday, September 22: Edinborough Park concert (free) Contact: Dawn Beitel, Assistant Manager, 952-833-9543 | Fax 952-833-9541; |

Tuesday, September 29: Rehearse

Tuesday, October 6: Sit-in night

Tuesday, October 13, 20, 27: Rehearse

Tuesday, November 3: Rehearse

Saturday, November 7: Vet's Dinner at St. Bonaventure's Ambrose Hall, 901 E 90th Street, Bloomington 55420; the hall is off the south parking lot, which is accessed on 10th Ave, just south of 90th St. Contact: Breta Macphie, ALIVE! committee, cell: 612.730.6409. Veterans eat for free, but this year it's open to the public, so they're hoping to get 100-150 people. Events start with a social hour at 5:30 in the church hall. Then they will have a color guard, followed by dinner. We'll play during dessert and continue afterward for the dance. Arrive at 6:00 to be able to be quiet during the color guard ceremony, national anthem, and prayer (around 6:10-6:25). They'll start serving then - salad, then dinner plate, then dessert. Play until 9:30 with a 15-minute break around 8:00; a speaker will talk about the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon Program during our break. $250.

Tuesday, November 10: No rehearsal

Tuesday, November 17, 24: Rehearse

Tuesday, December 1: Concert at Eagle Crest Senior Living Community, 2925 Lincoln in Roseville, 7:00-8:00 p.m. Contact: Sonia Zapchenk, (651) 628-3003. $100.

The rest of December: no rehearsals or concerts