2011 Events

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Rehearsals every Tuesday except after performances on days other than Tuesday. Other performances, sit-in nights, joint rehearsals and other special events will be added to the schedule.

January 4, 11: Rehearse

January 18: Year-end celebration at St. Michael's. Decorating team arives at 5:00. Guests arrive at 5:30. Dinner and program at 6:30. *=played gig
Trpts: John Preston*, Kari Coad, Corky W, Gene Phares* and Keith Thompson*
Trbs: Fred C, Nick Syman, Travis Shepard*, Tom Huelsmann*, Greg Michnay*, Scott Swenson*, Carol Jensen
Saxes: Brian Dole*, Chris Knapp*, Ira Adelman*, Jonathan Preus, Debbie Clapp*, Len Yaeger*
Rhythm: Ed Findlay*, Jim Foster, Ron Rasmussen* (notified through Ellen)
Vocal: Diane and Kirk*
Bagpipers: Lynn Ista etc.* (David MacKinnon, Paul Anderson, Chris Beskar, Mark Getty, Marguerite Krause, Richard Cady)
Special: Cindy and Terri, John Rusterholz, Rick Schultz, Lonnie Brakke, John Dunn, other CTV? (Pat, Britney, Ted, Lynn, Keith, Norm, Tom, Jarame, Neil, Joey, Johnny, etc.)

January 25, February 1: Rehearse

Saturday, February 5, 2011: Carleton College Winter Dance. 16th anniversary (17th performance) of our performances for the Carleton Dance - we first played there January 29, 1994; play 9:00-1:00 in the Great Hall; contact for 2011: Haley Johnson, Program Assistant - Campus Activities, Campus Activities Office, 507-222-4161 (or maybe also 507-222-4155; Nadine Sunderland is the person overseeing this activity, according to Lee Clark, Campus Activities Director); Email is Bus pickup at St. Michael's at 5:30; second bus pickup at park-and-ride in Eagan (NE corner of Cliff and 35E) around 6:15. Note: City of Roseville tax ID: 416007849 We charged $1500 for 2009, the same for 2008, and I asked for the same amount in 2010; in 2007, we charged $1400. I've asked for cold cuts, veggies, chips, and water/pop/coffee in the Fireside Room, as in the past. They won't have a piano for us, so we'll bring our own.

February 8 and 15: No rehearsal (first because of the performance and second because Glen is out of town on business on the 15th)

February 22: Rehearse

March 1, 8: Rehearse

Tuesday, March 15: Concert at Little Sisters of the Poor, 330 S. Exchange, St. Paul, 7:30-8:30 p.m. Done as a free service. Ann Booth's Aunt lives there. Wear summer shirts and black pants.

March 22, 29: Rehearse

April 5: Rehearse

Tuesday, April 12: Sit-in Night (sit-ins: 1 alto, 1 tenor, 2 bari; 2 trb; 2 trpt; 1 bass)

April 19 and 26: Rehearse

May 3: No rehearsal (Glen conflict)

May 10, 17: Rehearse

Saturday, May 21: CAF dance at Fleming Field - arrive in time to help set up before the swing dance lessons that start at 7:00 p.m. $650

Tuesday, May 24: Concert at Como Park pavilion 7:00-8:30; summer shirt and khaki pants or shorts; arrive at 6:00 if possible to help set up. We'll perform with the pipes and drums, using their new orchestral chanters. CTV15 will record the concert.

May 31: Rehearse

June 7, 14: Rehearse

Saturday, June 11: Concert at Beacon Hill, 1-3 p.m., $325 (confirmed); contact: Karen Casper- Robeson, 651-341-7345,; previously Jill Guth, 952-988-8830.

Tuesday, June 21, 2010: 7:30 Concert in Central Park; contact: Debbie Cash 651-792-7163;

June 28: Rehearse

Monday, July 4: 7:30 Concert in Central Park. Others on July 4: 3:30-4:30: Splatter Sisters; 5:00-5:45 and 6:00-6:45: Dan Perry and Ice Cream; 9:00-fireworks: RCB

July 5, 12: No rehearsal (Glen out of town July 12)

July 19, 26: Rehearse

Tuesday, August 2: 7:00 Concert in Central Park.

Saturday, September 6: Rehearse

Saturday, September 10: CAF Bomber's Moon Ball.

September 13: No rehearsal because of playing at the CAF dance on the weekend

September 20: Rehearse

Saturday, September 24 (confirmed): Scott County Historical Society Hangar Dance: "The Bees Knees - 1920s - Speakeasy Dance" with a Charleston contest! Play 7:00-10:15 or 10:30. Contact is Kathleen Klehr, Executive Director, w: 952-445-0378, c: 612-386-7785,

September 27: No rehearsal

October 4, 11, 18: Rehearse

Tuesday, October 11: Sit-in night

Tuesday, October 25: Concert at RosePointe, 2555 Hamline Ave., N., 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. $75. Contact is Carol Torgerson, (651) 628-8563.

November 1: Rehearse

Sunday, November 6: Concert at Edinborough Park in Edina 7:00-8:00 p.m. Adam is the Edinborough coordinator the evening we're performing. 952-217-9247. $100. Laurie Asen, Finance Director, 952-826-0411

November 8: No rehearsal because of playing at Edinborough on the weekend.

November 15: St. Michael's is unavailable. No rehearsal.

November 22: Concert at Sholom Home, Shaller Campus, 740 Kay Ave., St. Paul, (651) 328-2000, 7:00-8:00 p.m.; contact is Natalie Kuklinsky, (651) 328-2117. St. Michael's is unavailable; we may have to load equipment early. $75

November 29: Rehearse, including recording "Brown Wore Black"

December: No rehearsal

(In the above dates, June 21 and August 2 are dates we have scheduled for concerts at Roseville's Central Park, so if the weather cooperates, we'd only need to get in to load equipment. But if it's stormy, as it was for one concert date in 2010, we'd like to present the concert in the community room so that the guest performers who've worked hard on songs to perform with us will get a chance to be videotaped on shown on public access TV.)