2008 Events
Last Update: January 7, 2009

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Rehearsals every Tuesday except after performances on days other than Tuesday. Other performances, sit-in nights, joint rehearsals and other special events will be added to the schedule.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008: No rehearsal

Tuesday, January 8: Rehearse

Saturday, January 12 (confirmed): Concordia Academy (Roseville) Winter Formal Dance at the school, 2400 North Dale Street, Roseville 55113. Contact: Rev. Tim Berner, principal.; (651) 484-8429, x111. $550 for two and a half hours, from 8:00 until 10:30. Play some waltzes, polkas, cha-chas, fox trots and miscellaneous other ballroom dances in addition to the swing numbers. There will be dance lessons prior to the band's starting time at another location while we set up.

Tuesday, January 15: No rehearsal (because of playing for Concordia)

Tuesday, January 22 and 29: Rehearse

Saturday, February 2 (confirmed): Carleton College Winter Dance. 9:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. 13th anniversary (14th performance) of our performances for the Carleton Dance - we first played there January 29, 1994; play 9:00-1:00 in the Great Hall; contact: Robin Hart Ruthenbeck, Director of Campus Activities, 507-646-4155;; bus pickup at St. Michael's at 5:30; bus pickup at park-and-ride in Eagan (NE corner of Cliff and 35E) around 6:15. This year's theme is "Carleton Through the Ages," and our era is 30's, 40's, and 50's in the Great Hall. The student committee for education against sexual violence will be decorating, and since pink is the color for sexual violence awareness, there'll probably be pink in the decor, which Robin thinks will be more of a 50's color. Note: City of Roseville tax ID: 416007849 $1500.

Tuesday, February 5: No rehearsal because of playing for Carleton

Tuesday, February 12, 19, 26: Rehearse; possible joint rehearsal or concert with South Side Big Band or River City Jazz Orchestra in February, March, or April

Other Tuesday rehearsals as usual throughout the year

Tuesday, March 4 (confirmed): Concert at Sholom Home in St. Paul, 1554 Midway Parkway, St. Paul, 7:00-8:00. Arrive at 6:00 to set up, if possible. Contact: Jacob Schneider, 651-637-0280. $125 (?)

Tuesday, April 1, 8: Rehearse (Glen will be out of town on business April 8, so Bob Hallquist will lead the rehearsal.)

Sunday, April 13: Recording session at Creation Audio in the afternoon and early evening. 2543 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 55404. (612) 870-0028. $120/hr.

Tuesday, April 15: No rehearsal

Sunday, April 20: First overdub session at Creation Audio, 11:30-5:00

Tuesday, April 22: Sit-in night

Tuesday, April 29: No rehearsal

Tuesday, May 6, 13, and 20: Rehearse (This is when we master most of the repertoire for our summer concerts.)

Tuesday, May 27 (confirmed): Concert at Como Pavilion, 7:00-8:30 p.m. Load at 5:15. Wear summer shirts. Contact: Stacy Williams, Coordinator, Music in the parks, Baker Recreation Center, 209 W. Page Street, St. Paul, MN 55107; 651-472-3991. Previously Susie Odegard at St. Paul Parks and Rec:, 651-266-6416 or; Possibly contact, who helped her with the Music in the Parks Program last year. She's at the Battle Creek Community Center, 651-501-6347.

Saturday, May 31 (confirmed): CAF Dance (Note: Originally, we had this scheduled for May 24, but we changed it on 12/18/2007.)

Tuesday, June 3: No rehearsal because of the CAF dance

Tuesday, June 10: Rehearse

Saturday, June 14 (confirmed): Beacon Hill Ice Cream Social concert, 1-3 p.m.; contact: Debbie Jo Moehring, 952-988-8830; they paid us $325

Tuesday, June 17 (confirmed): Concert in Central Park, 7:30-8:45; live broadcast on CTV15

Tuesday, June 24 and July 1: Rehearse

Friday, July 4 (confirmed): Concert in Central Park, 7:30-8:30, with guest vocalist Curtis Shaffer, followed by the Roseville Community Band at 9:00 p.m.; live broadcast on CTV15

Tuesday, July 8: Rehearse (Normally, there would not be a rehearsal because of playing July 4, but because so many would miss the July 15 rehearsal, we decided to rehearse July 8 instead.)

Tuesday, July 15: No rehearsal. (See comments about July 8.)

Tuesday, July 22: Rehearse

Tuesday, July 29 (confirmed): Concert in Central Park, 7:30-8:45; guest artist: tenor saxophonist Mario Thayer; live broadcast on CTV15

August: No rehearsal

August 20 (confirmed): Concert in Eagan Central Park, 6:00-8:00; use the RBB sound system for the Jazz Etc combo playing from 4:00 to 5:30. $300. Contact: Kari Phillips, Eagan Parks and Rec, (651) 675-5525.

Tuesday, September 2: Rehearse

Saturday, September 6 (confirmed; note that this is a change (February 26, 2008) from the originally-scheduled September 13 date): CAF Hangar Dance, 8:00-midnight. Set up at 6:00 to be out of the way for swing dance lessons at 7:00.

Tuesday, September 9: No rehearsal because of playing for the CAF dance.

Tuesday, September 16, 23, October 7: Rehearse

Sunday, October 12 (confirmed): Concert at Edinborough Park, 7:00-8:00. Contact Susie Miller; her direct line is 952-832-6783. She's the coordinator for Edinborough Park concert scheduling. Arrive at 6:15-6:30 to set up. No need to bring the sound system or medium or big stands. $100.

Tuesday, October 14: No rehearsal because of playing at Edinborough

Tuesday, October 21: Rehearse

Tuesday, October 28: Sit-in night

Tuesday, November 4: Election day; no rehearsal; go out and vote

Tuesday, November 11 and 18: Rehearse

Saturday, November 22 (confirmed): Children's Hospital 59th Annual Ball. Play 7:30-11:00 (due to popular demand - they wanted us to play longer this year) for $900. Theme is "A Red Carpet Affair." Contact co-chair Shirley Schoffelman, 1051 Lawnview Avenue, Shoreview, MN 55126, 651.483.6337, Contact Molly Boyne at the Crowne Plaza about the size of the stage the band will require, etc. or 651-605-6950. On 2008-03-31 I talked to Molly about the stage size, and we agreed that (since they'd like to reduce the amount of depth the band takes) we would have enough space with a 20-foot-deep and 30-foot-wide setup. (However, on 11/11/08 Molly said that the stage will actually be 21x36.) Their stage segments are 4x6 ft., so 20x30 would be 5 segments deep by 5 across.

Tuesday, November 25: No rehearsal because of playing for the CHA dance.

Tuesday, December 2, 9: Rehearse

Tuesday, December 16: Holiday appreciation dinner for band members, subs and guest artists who have performed with us during the year, and one guest each; at St. Michaels, gathering at 5:30, serving food around 6:30. In addition to those on the current roster, those who have performed with us, sponsored us, or provided new works for us to play during 2008 include the following:
Trumpets: Brandon Finnestad, Pat Gefre, Jeff Olsen, Gene Phares, Harvey Skow
Trombones: Greg Albing, Greg Michnay, Mark Olson, Scott Swenson
Saxes: Ira Adelman, Debbie Clapp, Mark Stevens, Mario Thayer
Rhythm Section: Leigh Anderson, Brian Dole
Vocalists: Denise Baber, Diane Lindberg, Kirk Lindberg, Curtis Shaffer
Composer: Len Yaeger
Dancers: Cindy Gardner (and I'll ask her to check to see if any of the Swing Cats would like to join us)
Sponsors: Lonnie Brokke and Rick Schultz from Parks and Rec and Roland Hayes, pastor of St. Michael's.
Please let Kay know who's coming and bringing guests, so we have an accurate count for the dinner!

The rest of December: No rehearsal.